Taco Boy – “Skip Siesta Let’s Fiesta”

Taco Boy opens in new Folly Beach location Friday - Charleston City Paper

Hours: Sunday-Thursday = 11AM – 10PM, Friday-Saturday = 11AM – 1AM

Address – Folly Beach Location: 106 East Ashley Avenue, Folly Beach, SC 29439

Price Range: $

Website: https://www.tacoboy.net

Phone Number: 843-588-9761

Rating: 5/5 Stars

            Taco Boy is a staple restaurant for the tourists and locals in Folly Beach, SC. They call themselves a Taqueria is a Mexican restaurant specializing in tacos. There are a few Taqueria’s in Folly Beach but none of them match the authenticity of Taco Boy. For myself it is not just the quality of their food, it is a combination of the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant. Their tacos are $3 each and come with an assortment of toppings and fillings such as Kimchi Beef, Carne Asada, Tempura Avocado, Crispy Queso, etc… The tacos are available in either the house-made flour tortillas, gluten-free corn tortillas, or lettuce wraps. 

Art of the Menu: Taco Boy
Taco Boy food menu

Longing for the ocean-side fish tacos of her youth, Karalee Fallert founded the original Taco Boy on Folly Beach in 2006 to bring fresh Mexican-inspired flavors to the Low-country. The downtown Charleston location followed in 2009 and Summerville, SC in 2019. The Mexican-inspired Taqueria serves the freshest ingredients and most festive drinks around. Not only is Taco Boy popular for its food and drinks, but they are also a big community supporter. They serve the local community by donating to and sponsoring many local organizations such as Darkness to Light, the YWCA Greater Charleston, and the Green Heart Project. Taco Boy also strongly believes and promotes initiatives to inspire the staff to grow from within. 

Taco Boy at Folly Beach is now open in a newly renovated 6,500 square-foot location at 106 East Ashley Ave., the former home of Wiki Wiki Sandbar. The two restaurants swapped locations because Taco Boy was in need of a bigger space to allow for a bigger capacity. Taco Boy used to be located in a very quaint restaurant with limited indoor and outdoor seating, so they constantly had a super long wait and would have to turn away potential customers. So, this move was crucial for them. Though they moved to a much larger place, they always have a wait no matter what day/time you go there. 

            Okay now let’s get into the nitty gritty of the restaurant. My family and I recently went to Taco Boy at their new location and had the best food/time ever. When we walked into their new location, we were amazed at how much bigger it was and how they had completely changed the décor to match their theme, from the exterior to the interior. On the outside they have a huge “Taco Boy” sign with a sombrero above it, corn hole, and stick dancing skull figurines (for día de los Muertos). On the inside of the restaurant, they have a bunch of the day of the dead figurines, sombreros, pictures (of Mexican beer, food, and famous people), a massive “taco boy” (their logo) hanging from the ceiling. When customers walk into the restaurant, they enter the first/main level, where they have booth seating, a bar; that people can also sit at, high top tables, outdoor seating, and their store. Then upstairs they have another bar, high top tables, and a balcony with tables that also has an ocean view. Typically, on Thursday-Sunday nights they have local musicians come out and perform at the upstairs bar and/or outside.

Folly Beach Restaurants - 10+ Epic Places To Try in 2021 - Amateur Traveler
This is Taco Boy’s new location
Folly Beach | Caribbean Sealife
Inside at the bar

            Upon arrival my family and I were met by the nicest host, who told us that we would be waiting for 15 minutes. Exactly, 15 minutes later my stepdad’s phone started ringing telling us that our table was ready. A few minutes after sitting down, our waiter approached us and took our drink and appetizer orders. My mom and I got the Passionfruit Margarita, my stepdad got a Miller-light, and my brother got a sprite; for our appetizer we ordered the appetizer trio; it comes with tortilla chips, queso Blanco, guacamole, and salsa roja. While we were eating our chips my mom commented about how fresh the chips were, “they must have just come from the fryer” she stated. The queso was very creamy and had some finely chopped peppers in it giving it a little bit of a kick. As soon as I saw the salsa roja I knew it was going to be spicy because of all the chopped chili peppers in it.

Taco Boy Certificate
The appetizer trio – YUM!

Soon after getting our appetizer our waiter took our entrée orders and another set of drink orders. My mom ordered the Taco Boy Salad with grilled shrimp and creamy tomatillo vinaigrette, my brother ordered three Taco Americanos (tacos with ground beef), my stepdad ordered the Kimchi Beef Taco, Carnitas Taco, Southwest Shrimp Taco, and the chicken quesadilla, I ordered the La Plancha rice bowl with chicken and a side of creamy tomatillo dressing. Our food arrived 15 minutes after we put in the order which we thought was fast for Taco Boy (normally it takes around 20ish minutes). When my bowl arrived, it looked scrumptious! The presentation was immaculate with the rice layered on the bottom, then a layer of cowboy beans mixed with cheese, green chili sauce and salsa, on top was my grilled chicken and crunchy tortilla strips. When I took my first bite, I got a taste of everything combined and it tasted phenomenal. The chicken was perfectly cooked and even had a little crunch from the grill marks. My mom’s salad had an assortment of colorful vegetables in it, plus the grilled shrimp was full of flavor. The shrimp tasted like it had been marinated in a cilantro-lime marinade adding a freshness to it. My brother said that his tacos were exactly the way he wanted them, plain ground beef tacos with nothing else on them; a bit on the boring side for me but they were great in his opinion. The tacos that my stepdad ordered were full of flavor, especially the Kimchi beef taco.

Taco Boy Folly Beach is one of the best restaurants in Charleston
This is of the tacos that my stepdad ordered: Kimchi Beef Taco (x2), Carnitas Taco, Southwest Shrimp Taco


As we were wrapping up with our entrée’s our waiter politely approached us and asked if anyone would like dessert, of course I said yes and ordered the ‘Cinnamon Sugar Classic Churros.’ When my churros arrived, they were freshly fried and generously coated in cinnamon and sugar. The churros were crunchy, sweet, and doughy on the inside, just like a cake donut. 

            If you ever find yourself in Folly Beach, South Carolina and are in the mood for some amazing Mexican food, stop by Taco Boy! The food is spectacular, the staff is stellar, and the atmosphere is fun. 

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