Buffalo Wild Wings or as My Family Calls them BDUBS

Chicken Wings & Sports Bar in Fredericksburg, VA - Central Park | Buffalo  Wild Wings®

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday = 11AM-12AM, Thursday-Saturday = 11AM-2AM

Address: 1638 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA

Price Range: $$

Website: https://www.buffalowildwings.com/en/

Phone Number: 540-548-8048

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5 stars)

            Buffalo Wild Wings is a restaurant where customers can eat chicken wings and scream at a TV all at once. Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar, and they offer a variety of different food options; however, their specialty is chicken wings. Buffalo Wild Wings is the ultimate place to get together with friends, watch sports, drink beer, and eat wings. 

            Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery started Buffalo Wild Wings in 1982, in the state of Ohio. They were both born and raised in Buffalo, New York and wanted to bring authentic New York style chicken wings to Ohio. The welcoming neighborhood atmosphere with a front-row seat for every sports fan, which offers 21-mouthwatering signature sauces and seasonings. Currently Buffalo Wild Wings has at least one restaurant in every state of the United States. 

            My friends and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings on a Thursday evening around 7:30PM and even though they were decently busy the service was still very good. There was no wait for a table and our server was quite speedy, the waitress was introducing herself within two minutes of us sitting down and took our food orders after bringing us our drinks. Although it did take around 15-20 minutes to get our food, we were fine with it.  Our server checked in with us every five minutes(ish) and was on the ball with refills of our drinks and sauces. 

            We all ordered an array of chicken wings. I ordered the traditional Asian zing wings with a side of salt and vinegar French fries and a side of carrots and celery sticks. The chicken wings themselves came out crunchy and smothered in Asian zing sauce. The Asian zing is more of a mild spice with a lot of different flavors like ginger, soy, and garlic. My French fries came out hot, crispy, crunchy, tossed in lots of salt and vinegar seasoning. As soon as I took my first French fry bite, I felt like I was eating salt and vinegar chips. Oh, and I almost forgot, their carrots and celery sticks on the side are the best around. Three of my friends do not eat meat so they got the cauliflower wings, and I am not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical about them, but they were phenomenal. The cauliflower wings were just as crunchy, if not crunchier than the traditional chicken wings.  While biting the outside of the cauliflower wings felt like eating a chicken wing, the inside was a bit on the mushy side, to me the inside felt like I was eating cauliflower mash. Two of my other friends ordered boneless wings; one tossed in honey barbeque sauce and the other tossed in lemon pepper seasoning. The honey barbeque sauce is sweetened with honey and had a gentle kick of spice. As soon as I bit into the wing with lemon pepper seasoning, my taste buds lit up due to the taste of lemon and a hint of pepper. One of my friends just ordered an appetizer because she was not very hungry, the fried pickles. I really enjoyed how these fried pickles were pickle chips instead of skinny spears because it made them crispier and easier to eat. 

            I cannot say much about their drinks because my friends and I just got sodas and waters. However, from looking at the drink menu it looks like they have a large selection of draft beers, IPA’s, cocktails, and wine. I can say that the sodas were fully carbonated, and the water did not taste like it was tap water, so we were all happy about that. 

The ambiance is just what I was expecting for a sports bar. Lots of televisions with games on and loud cheering/commotion coming from the bar. Right when you walk in, you are hit with the sports theme, they have jerseys hung, pictures of players, team flags, logos, etc… Even the restrooms followed along with the sports theme. At the bar, there were people with their eyes glued to the big screens, gnawing on chicken wings, drinking beer, and occasionally shouting at the televisions. At the booths there were groups of friends, families, and couples, all enjoying the food, drinks, and games. The staff were all very nice and most importantly enjoyed working there. 

            Overall, I highly recommend Buffalo Wild Wings for anyone that enjoys wings, beer, and sports… Even if you do not enjoy all those things, I am sure that you can find something that you enjoy. 

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